Nissan Motor Thailand

Nissan Motor Thailand

Business typeCar manufacturer

Specifications that met our requirements

There are many requirements for a car wash machine to be installed in our factory such as speed and quality of wash. After presentations from possible candidates, we found out that MK SEIKO’s Distributor in Thailand was the only one which provided the machine specifications matching our requirements.

Reduced manpower

Reduced manpower

Before the installation of the Car Wash Machine in March 2018, washing and drying cars were all done manually by many staff members. The Car Wash Machine VIER enabled washing of the same amount or more cars each day with just one machine. As a result, we succeeded in reducing manpower by 77%.

Reliable company

There are a local professional service team and global production team who can provide support for all of our demands. We had some requests about machine specifications to run the factory efficiently, and both parties cooperated together to respond to our requests. There are many functions and options depending on the user demands.

Reliable companyReliable company



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